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About Us

WMC Productions, Inc. (a non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization), located in Warrenville, IL exists to create opportunities for families and individuals to develop self-esteem, talent and teamwork through education and participation in the performing arts.

The mission of WMC is to provide quality theatre productions suitable for everyone. Our purpose is to educate and develop community performers and technicians, create an environment that encourages families to work together on theatrical productions, and present quality family entertainment.

Toward those ends, we cast everyone who auditions for our Junior and Family shows between the ages of 7 and 16, regardless of stage experience.     We hold rehearsals for music, choreography and blocking as well as dance clinics whenever needed.  Individual help is also available if needed or requested.  Additionally, there are many fun opportunities for parents and siblings to get involved in such as set building, costumes, props and concessions.  Several families even perform together on stage!

Another unique aspect of WMC Productions is that we love to give new directors a chance.  Each year, we hold director interviews for our upcoming season after we have chosen the shows.  If you are interested in being interviewed as a possible director, please contact us at 630-777-9810 or

Above all, on stage and off, we strive to create a family feel through the support and encouragement of our actors, directors and production team, and the numbers of actors and audience members who return to our stage show after show speaks volumes about our success.